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Positive Energy PEMF


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We are a new health and wellness service utilizing HUGO’s very high-intensity Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology sessions to increase cellular permeability, assist in inflammation reduction, and enhance circulation. Positive Energy is the first lab of its kind available to the general public in America. We provide six PEMF systems, allowing our trained staff to deliver safe and effective PEMF sessions.

We believe in our technology so deeply that we offer our clients their first PEMF session for free.

Store Hours

Mon: 6:30 am - 8 pm
Tue: 6:30 am - 8 pm
Wed: 6:30 am - 8 pm
Thu: 6:30 am - 8 pm
Fri: 6:30 am - 8 pm
Sat: 6:30 am - 8 pm
Sun: 8am- 6pm


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