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The Local Collective Application

With a passion for fostering entrepreneurship, West Acres created The Local Collective to showcase businesses in our community and provide an opportunity for them to trial and thrive in a vibrant retail setting. We are thrilled to take this next step in supporting local & regional small businesses in our amazing community!

This opportunity is ideal for a local or regional-based business (i.e. apparel, product, pre-packaged foods, etc.) that is interested in testing out the retail environment within our shopping center.

Let’s Grow Together.

Download our welcome packet here!

What is The Local Collective?

The Local Collective is essentially a pop-up retail space that temporarily houses one (or a few) local and regional retail businesses who are in pursuit of testing out a brick-and-mortar space with the opportunity to do it in a dominant, high-traffic retail destination.

Our Why:

We Love Local! West Acres started as a dream by our founder, William Schlossman, and a group of local partners. Entrepreneurship is at our core, which is one of the many reasons why we love to help foster, grow and collaborate with local businesses. The Local Collective not only allows us to do that, but it also helps grow a network of locally owned businesses within West Acres with the long-term goal of adding to our selection of locally and regionally owned store offerings. Additionally, we view the Local Collective as a platform to connect local businesses to a large, diverse regional customer base to help you grow!

Interested? Here are your next steps:

  1. Download our Welcome Packet by clicking here to receive all the information and see if your business qualifies.
  2. If all looks good after reviewing the packet, fill out an application below.

Applications are now open for 2024! 



Apr 9-Aug 31, 2024

West Acres


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