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Holiday Performances

Join us throughout the holiday season for an amazing lineup of performances by local groups! Located in Fountain Court, in front of JCPenney.

Golden Carolers from Touchmark
28-Nov 12:30PM
The Mixed Emotions Trio
28-Nov 2:00PM
Borderline Strings
28-Nov 5:30PM
New Horizon Golden Notes
28-Nov 7:00PM
Liberty Middle School Show Choir
29-Nov 10:00AM
Dakota Jazz Big Band
29-Nov 6:30 PM    
Liberty Middle School Chamber Orchestra
30-Nov 4:30PM
Davies Orchestras
30-Nov 5:30PM
The Big House Band
30-Nov 6:30PM
Lake Park Audubon Raider Pop Singers
1-Dec 1:00PM
Red River Dance & Performing Company
1-Dec 4:00PM
Gasper’s School of Dance
1-Dec 5:15PM
Fraser Child Care
1-Dec 6:30PM
Cheney Middle School 8th Grade Orchestra
2-Dec 10:00 AM
Liberty Middle School 8th grade Orchestra
2-Dec 11:00 AM
Kringen Accordion Band
2-Dec 12:00 PM
Horace Just For Kix
2-Dec 4:30 PM
Pickett’s Homeschool
2-Dec 5:30 PM
Amped School of Music
2-Dec 6:30 PM
Tuba Christmas
3-Dec 11:00 AM
Cheney Middle School – 7th Grade Choir
5-Dec 11:00 AM
Moorhead High Carolers
5-Dec 12:30 PM
Enderlin Children’s Choir
5-Dec 1:00 PM
Hawley Jazz Band and Pop Singers
5-Dec 5:00 PM
CBE 7/8 Grade Honor Choir & Chamber Orchestra
5-Dec 6:30 PM
Cheney Middle School 7th Grade Orchestra
6-Dec 10:00 AM
Menahga Band
6-Dec 11:00 AM
Menahga Choir
6-Dec 12:00 PM
Fargo North Jazz Ensemble II
6-Dec 1:00 PM
6-Dec 5:00 PM
Jazz Trio
6-Dec 6:00 PM
Eagles Elementary Choir
7-Dec 11:00 AM
Park Christian Elementary Choir & Jr. High String Quartet
7-Dec 12:00 PM
Liberty Jazz Band
7-Dec 1:00 PM
St. Joseph’s School & Honor Choir, Band & Chimes
7-Dec 6:00 PM
Fargo South High Band
8-Dec 10:00 AM
Grover Chimes
8-Dec 11:00 AM
Campbell-Tintah Jazz Band
8-Dec 12:00 PM
19th Ave Jazz Choir
8-Dec 1:00 PM
Brass Quintet
8-Dec 5:00 PM
Apollo Strings
8-Dec 7:00 PM
Lewis & Clark Choir and Chimes
9-Dec 10:00 AM
North Dakota State College of Science Performing Arts
9-Dec 11:00 AM
Longfellow 4th and 5th Grade Choir and Hand Chimes Choir
9-Dec 12:30 PM
Horizon East Honor Choir
9-Dec 2:00 PM
HMR Spartan Choir & Hand Chimes
9-Dec 6:00 PM
Great Plains Harmony
9-Dec 7:00 PM
Heritage Middle School Music Department
12-Dec 10:00 AM
Liberty 7th Grade Band
12-Dec 11:30 AM
Lake Park Audubon Junior High Band and Choir
12-Dec 12:30 PM
Imperials Jazz Band of the El Zagel Shrine
12-Dec 4:00 PM
Discovery Primo!
12-Dec 5:30 PM
Piano & Woodwind Studio
12-Dec 6:30 PM
Jefferson Choir and Chimes Ensembles
13-Dec 10:00 AM
Clara Barton 4th and 5th Grade Choir
13-Dec 11:00 AM
Cheney Middle School – 8th Grade Choir
13-Dec 12:00 PM
Ulen Hitterdal Concert Choir
13-Dec 1:00 PM
Davies High School Vivace
13-Dec 2:00 PM
Prime Time Community Gospel Choir
13-Dec 6:30 PM
Waubun High School Band
14-Dec 10:00 AM
Liberty 8th Grade Band
14-Dec 12:00 PM
Jazz III
14-Dec 1:00 PM
West Fargo High School Carolers
14-Dec 5:00 PM
Cheney Middle School Chamber Orchestra
14-Dec 6:00 PM
Julie’s Piano Studio
14-Dec 7:00 PM
PHS Concert Choir
15-Dec 10:00 AM
Cantabile Choir
15-Dec 11:00 AM
Cheney Middle School Jazz Band and Show Choir
15-Dec 12:00 PM
Breckenridge Middle School Band
15-Dec 1:00 PM
Breckenridge Middle School Choir
15-Dec 1:30 PM
DGF Parke Ave, Bella Voce, Jazz Ensemble
15-Dec 2:30 PM
Chancel Choir – Our Savior’s Lutheran Church
15-Dec 5:00 PM
Big Bop Jazz Band
15-Dec 6:00 PM
McKinley Music Makers
16-Dec 10:00 AM
Cheney Middle School 8th Grade Band
16-Dec 11:00 AM
Heritage MS Music Department
16-Dec 12:30 PM
Horizon Honor Band
16-Dec 2:30 PM
Horace High School Orchestras
16-Dec 4:30 PM
Crystal Strings
16-Dec 6:00 PM
Moorhead High School Jazz Band
16-Dec 7:00 PM


Nov 28-Dec 24, 2022

West Acres


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