Children’s Eye Care Tips with LensCrafters

Your child’s eyesight is as precious as they are. LensCrafters eye wear sale will make sure your kiddo finds the perfect pair of glasses, just in time for back to school!

By: Heidi | August 17, 2018

Reading, writing, and all things back-to-school will be here in no time, and LensCrafters knows how important it is that your child starts off the school year with a pair of glasses they love, so we went to the experts to get tips and info on eye care for your kiddos.

What’s Recommended?

With most eye diseases starting before the age of 18, LensCrafters reminds us of how important yearly eye exams are for children. Spotting a problem right away means clear vision (and stylish glasses!) are within sight. An eye exam is recommended every year, and getting your appointment in before the start of the new school year means no squinting at the board!

With kids of all ages being glued to devices, LensCrafters recommends Blue IQ lenses to filter out harmful blue rays that screens and technology give off. The Blue IQ protective lenses also automatically darken when your child is playing outside, making both blue light protection and sunlight protection a breeze.

Whether they need prescription lenses or only Blue IQ lenses, LensCrafters makes sure you aren’t limited when it comes to frame choices, no matter the lens type. With brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban, and other top designers, you’re sure to find a pair they’ll love.

Don’t miss your chance to save! From now until August 26th, LensCrafters is offering 50% off any pair of glasses (prescription polarized sunglasses included) with a blue light filtering lens to anyone under the age of 20.

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