All About the CaringforKids Playland

The CaringforKids Playland, brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Caring Foundation, is a favorite spot at West Acres for parents and little ones alike. Learn more about the Playland and all of the fun that awaits!

By: Heidi | October 25, 2018

At West Acres, we strive to be a welcoming place for everyone! The CaringforKids Playland, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Caring Foundation, is the perfect spot for kids to play, learn, and meet new friends.

Whether the Playland is a shopping break stop or a destination for you and your kiddo, we love this space for not only how fun it is, but for the values it stands for, like encouraging healthy lifestyles and providing a positive place for kids to live, learn, and play.

Below, get a glimpse into all the fun your little ones can have in this space, and learn a little bit more about the CaringforKids Initiative through BCBSND Caring Foundation.

About the CaringforKids Playland

The CaringforKids Playland is sponsored by BCBSND Caring Foundation. At the CaringforKids Playland, kiddos have the opportunity to get moving and meet new friends while they play in the space, which is full of soft-foam trees and animals (which are all naturally antimicrobial)!

Formerly known as Recess West, the CaringforKids Playland’s new name reflects the CaringforKids initiative through BCBSND Caring Foundation, which is aimed at preventing childhood obesity and encouraging healthy lifestyles at an early age.

The Playland is located in the Food Court. It is open during all mall hours and closes briefly at 3:00pm for cleaning.

Who Can Play at the CaringforKids Playland?

BCBSND Caring Foundation recognizes the importance for all kids to be active in playing and learning, which is why they provide fun options for kids of all ages.

Kiddos who are under 42 inches tall are welcome to play at the CaringforKids Playland when accompanied by an adult.

For kids who are taller than 42 inches, they can head to Guest Services to participate in Playland Adventures.


Adventures beyond the Playland

For kids taller than 42 inches or who are tuckered out from playing, crossword puzzles, word finds, and scavenger hunts are available at Guest Services for all ages.

Head to Guest Services (located near the Food Court Entrance doors), ask for a Playland Adventure sheet, and help your child in filling in puzzles, finding hidden words, or tracking down clues throughout the mall.

When your kiddo is all done, head back to Guest Services so they can collect their prize for their completed Adventure!


Playland Adventure Prizes

BCBSND Caring Foundation awards each child a prize after completion of their Playland Adventure.

Head back to Guest Services with the completed Adventure sheet to let your child claim their prize: an adorable BCBSND cape, Frisbee, or ball.

Plus, every child who completes a Playland Adventure will be entered in for a chance to win a West Acres Mall Card, so be sure to fill out the contact information on the bottom of the Adventure sheet.

Want to learn more about the BCBSND Caring Foundation? Head here.

See you at the Playland!


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