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Photos with Santa

Welcome to Santa’s Whimsical Wonderland: The 2023 Experience! In a more magical-than-ever setting, we transport you to the North Pole for an intimate, encompassing experience inside Santa’s Whimsical Wonderland (located next to Best Buy).

Head here to book your visit with Santa. Please note: This reserves your spot in line, not the exact time you will visit with Santa. As always, we will usher you and your family in to experience Santa’s Whimsical Wonderland when it is your turn. Although an appointment is not required to visit Santa, we highly recommend securing a timeslot with Santa rather than waiting in a longer line. Select your product and time to BE IN LINE to visit Santa. If you are bringing multiple families, please have each family establish their own time to be in line.


Here’s what you can expect during this year’s experience:

Two settings! Enjoy your experience with Santa in your choice of either The Fireplace or The Sleigh setting.

Santa will be in the Living Room set for the first 30 minutes of each hour and in the Sleigh set the second 30 minutes of each hour. Please select your Line Reservation time accordingly.

The Fireplace Set
Set in front of our fun and whimsical Santa house, you have the choice to share a seat with Santa and sit together in his plush green sofa chair, or choose to space things out and have Santa sit on the opposite side of the fireplace in a separate Santa chair! The choice is yours. (This set is available during the first 30 minutes of each hour.)

The Sleigh
What is more whimsical than a photo set in Santa’s sleigh? Shot from an elevated position to showcase your family and the setting. Santa will be available to stand next to the sleigh or sit inside the sleigh with families! (This set is available during the second 30 minutes of each hour.)

Santa will be here: November 11-12, November 18-19, November 22, and then from November 24th to December 24th.

For more information about this year’s Santa experience & to book your Line Reservation, head here: https://mysantamagic.com/

Nov 11-Dec 24, 2023

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