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Curbside Pickup Now Available

For your convenience, select West Acres stores are now offering Curbside Pickup!

How it Works

Step 1: Place Your Order

Place an order with your favorite store through their purchase process (website, phone, app, etc.) – contact store for their method. Once your order is placed, the store will alert you when your item will be available for pickup.

Step 2: Arrive at West Acres

Once you arrive at West Acres, please head to one of the two curbside pickup locations (determined by the store you’re picking up from).

East-Side Pickup is located in Row 12 in front of the Aquarium Entrance.

West-Side Pickup is located in Row 20 in front of the Buffalo Court Entrance.

Once parked in a curbside spot, please contact the store you’re picking up from via their preferred contact method.

Step 3: Receive Your OrderĀ 

Once you’ve successfully contacted the store to let them know which curbside spot you are parked in, your items will be safely delivered to you.


Pickup Availability

Please note that not all of our stores are offering curbside pick-up at this time. Click here to find a list of participating stores flagged “Curbside Pickup Available”.

*Restaurants may have their own pickup locations. Please contact restaurant for details.



May 8-Mar 31, 2021

West Acres

(701) 282-2222

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