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Store Manager

Store Manager

As a Store Manager, you bring Lush’s Leadership Practices into all elements of your business interactions with customers, fellow staff, and operations: Be Real, Be Curious, Lead Fearlessly, Adapt and Evolve, Grow Talent, and Live with Purpose.

The Shop Manager supports the Lush retail business and reports to their Market Leader; as Shop Manager you are responsible for managing budgets and exceeding sales while creating an environment for strong customer experience, staff experience and operational excellence. You own your development: assessing your performance, seeking feedback and resources and opportunities to improve and elevate your skills, knowledge and abilities.





Sales & Customer Experience:

  • Customer Service: collaborate with your team on plans to exceed daily sales goals and ensure a unique and inclusive customer experience that makes every visitor feel welcome, meets their needs, and makes their day.
  • Building the Brand: educate our customers and staff on our brand values, and articulate our position on Fighting Animal Testing, Freshest Cosmetics, Ethical Buying, 100% Vegetarian, Handmade, and Naked Packaging in the shop and through community engagement and other traffic-driving initiatives.
  • Product Passion: increase the depth of your product knowledge through constant learning and consistently make informed and product recommendations for every need.
  • Driving Sales: demonstrate strong business acumen and understanding of your metrics and reports by developing and executing business plans that align with the American business strategy to achieve both short- and long-term goals that improve KPIs and achieve sales goals.


Team Leadership:

  • Leadership Practices and Staff Development: demonstrate the Leadership Practices and coach and develop your team in their careers by creating development plans, encouraging learning through Lush tools, coaching behaviors as they arise, and providing constructive feedback that inspires and motivates.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: actively committed to maintaining a diverse team and creating an inclusive environment by prioritizing DEIB training and initiatives and actively collaborating with your team on solutions that promote equity and belonging.
  • Engagement and Performance: balances analysis, experience, and perspective when making decisions about performance concerns and creates action plans to improve staff engagement, demonstrating empathy and considering personal situations/struggles when approaching performance concerns.
  • Recruitment and Selection: forms teams with appropriate and diverse mix of styles, perspectives, and experience and demonstrate equal employment opportunity practices by providing transparency and equity in the interview and promotion process and supporting staff to grow and develop in their retail careers.


Operational Excellence:

  • Policies and Procedures: prioritize shop compliance and ensure your staff have completed training and are practicing company standards for time and attendance, breaks and meals, product integrity, respectful workplace, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination guidelines, health and safety protocols, daily communication, all within your budget.
  • Stock and Inventory: Ensure your team is trained and equipped to abide by standards and rotation rules and manage ordering to ensure the right products, in the right amounts are in the store at the right times; using inventory reporting tools, create and execute action plans to manage orders, inventory and waste, within your allocated budget.
  • Visuals and Merchandising: Create and execute merchandising plans to improve KPIs and train and manage your team to take pride in a clean and beautiful work environment and follow the merchandising and design standards to provide a consistent customer experience and drive sales.
  • Scheduling, Time, and Attendance: ensure the right number of staff with the right skill levels are scheduled at peak times and that breaks, and meals are allocated and recorded appropriately to ensure staff wellbeing and payroll accuracy, while staying within your labor budget.






  • 3-5 years managing in a retail environment.
  • Strong HR skills in hiring, scheduling, training, conflict resolution and performance management
  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Excellent analytical, critical thinking and troubleshooting skills.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Strong customer service, supervisory and sales skills
  • Knowledge and interest in skincare, natural beauty, and ethical business
  • Ability to work flexible hours to meet the needs of the shop including holidays, evenings, and weekends.



  • Experience with consultation-based customer service models
  • Ability to develop and train staff through positive coaching and feedback.
  • Strong record of accomplishment of developing retail staff careers.
  • Proficient in excel, Microsoft suit, and adaptable to other systems as required.
  • Experience in cross cultural collaboration and DEIB or social justice training
  • Fluency in Spanish, French, or other languages


At Lush, we believe when we continue to foster a culture of inclusion and respect within a diverse workforce, we are doing our part in building a world where there is equal opportunity for all. We recruit from a variety of employment agencies, community groups, non-profits, and online social and job sites, and in our business practices, strive to leverage the gift that diversity brings.   
Lush North America unequivocally supports equal opportunity employment for all applicants regardless of religion, race, color,  gender identity or expression,  sexual orientation, ancestry,  ability, adverse mental health, and other characteristics both defined, protected and enforced by the law under federal or provincial/state jurisdiction.  


West Acres Pay

$53,450 – $53,450 USD