Wimmer’s Diamonds Answers Your 10 Questions About Engagement Ring Shopping

So you’re ready to pop the question and put a ring on it – now what? See what the experts at Wimmer’s Diamonds had to say!

By: Niki | May 14, 2018

So you’re ready to pop the question and put a ring on it – now what? We went to the experts at Wimmer’s Diamonds to see if they could help us answer the 10 most popular questions about making that next step – buying an engagement ring! They also showed us some of the top trending ring styles (warning: they are oh-so swoon-worthy!).

Here’s what they had to say:

What are the 4c’s and which one is the most important to consider when buying an engagement ring?

The 4 C’s, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, determine a diamond’s value.  Of all these factors, cut is the most important.  The cut of a diamond refers not to its shape, but to the balance of proportion, symmetry and polish achieved by a diamond cutter. Even a diamond with perfect color and clarity will not sparkle to its full potential if it is not cut well.

What are the biggest ring trends you have been seeing lately?

The classic looks like a solitaire or simple halo are here to stay but more unique looks like vintage styles or bold contemporary designs are also becoming more popular. Two tone rings are also big this season with rose or yellow gold accents.

How much will an engagement ring cost?

There is no set rule for what you should spend on an engagement ring. Your budget should be whatever is comfortable for you. We have a wide selection of engagement rings to choose from at many different price points as well as great layaway and financing options for making the engagement purchase easier and more manageable.

Is it weird to bring along my future fiancée ring shopping or is it better to do it myself?

It is very common for a couple to look for rings together.  At Wimmer’s we will set up a “wish list” and keep track of all the styles they love as well as a finger size so you can choose the perfect style for your partner, but they can still be surprised.

How should a groom go about figuring a ring size?

If you look together, have us size their finger and we can keep track of it on the wish list. Another option, if you can sneak away an existing ring of theirs that is worn on either the left or right hand ring fingers and bring it in, we can determine an approximate ring size.  Some clients choose to size the ring after the proposal to keep the element of surprise.

What are some tips for finding out the style of ring your partner wants?

Looking together and setting up a wish list with us is a sure-fire way to find out their favorite style. If you want to keep it a complete surprise, ask one of their close friends or family members to help you decide. Also be sure to check and see if they have a Pinterest page with their dream rings pinned already.

What shape of diamond is the most popular for the center of the engagement ring?

The Round diamond continues to be the most popular because of its classic appeal and timeless look. Princess cut (square) diamonds are the second most popular of diamond shapes right now.  We also offer pear shapes, emerald cut, or any shape to suit the look your significant other wants to achieve.

How long does it take to get an engagement ring?

We have many styles that are ready to go right away but it is always a good idea to allow time for any customizing or sizing. We recommend coming in and looking at rings at least two months before you plan to pop the question.

What is the benefit of choosing my own center diamond?

A diamond’s value can be determined by a number of factors including size, clarity, color, and how well the diamond is cut. The benefit of selecting a loose diamond is that you can decide which combination of factors is the most important to you. You should have a say in one of the biggest, most memorable purchases of your life.

I have the ring: now how do I pop the question?

Keep it simple and do something that matches your partner’s personality. For instance, if they are very family oriented, incorporate the family so they can share in the big moment. If they are more introverted, plan something intimate for the two of you. Stop in and let our professionals help you plan a proposal that you both will remember the rest of your lives.


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