Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Bestie or Yourself

Valentine’s Day is most certainly not just for significant others… Our best friends & ourselves deserve some love, too! Whether you’re showing your love and appreciation or simply consoling the anti-Valentine, we have a few gifts that are the perfect fit…

By: Niki | January 26, 2018

Gone are the days when Valentine’s Day was simply for lovers – we want to celebrate love in all forms, and that includes our besties and ourselves! We’ll be the first to admit, we’d be nowhere without our friends, so we think they deserve some love too. Sometimes being a friend means just showing your appreciation and care, and other times it means supporting your friend who has gone anti-Valentine. And when it comes to treating our self? Yes, we deserve it! Self-love is the best love and it’s about time we celebrate it with something special, so we’ve come up with a few ideas we know they’ll love (that fit any V-Day scenario)…


  • “Good Friends” Cheese Cutters: Creative Kitchen
  • “You Can Dance” Napkins: Creative Kitchen
  • “Can’t Adult Today” Coaster: Macy’s
  • “You Should Text Him” Coaster: Macy’s
  • Bath Salts: Apricot Lane
  • ‘Love’ Cooling Rack: Macy’s
  • ‘Refresh’ Body Spray: Express
  • Hearts Key Chain: Victoria’s Secret
  • Lip Gloss: Victoria’s Secret
  • Card Wallet: Express
  • Tassel Earrings: Express
  • Tick-Tack-Toe Shot Set: Macy’s
  • Lip Pajamas: Victoria’s Secret
  • Frosted Cookies: Mrs. Fields
  • ‘Love’ Roller Fragrance: Victoria’s Secret
  • Blush Lip Gloss: Victoria’s Secret
  • “Boys Tears” Cup: Forever 21
  • Mini Hand Sanitizer: Bath & Body Works
  • Treasure Bomb Bath Bomb: Apricot Lane
  • Round Sunglasses: Express
  • Friend Quote Jewelry Tin: Francesca’s
  • Sheet Masks: Forever 21
  • Pink Copper Mug: Macy’s
  • Friend Notes Box: Francesca’s
  • Heart Choker: Express
  • Heart Stir Stick Mold: Macy’s
  • Mini Mask Bottles: Macy’s
  • Mini Candle: Bath & Body Works
  • Wine Opener: Francesca’s
  • ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ Nail Polish: Express

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