Top Trending Prints and Textures for Fall 2018

From subtle detail to full-on sparkle, this season’s top prints and textures have something for everyone!

By: Heidi | September 7, 2018

Suede, wool, flannel, knit… we love our fall textures. From the runways to the styles now in our stores, we’re seeing tons of new patterns and textures this season that are cozying up next to our old standbys.

Here are the prints and textures that are making their way into closets this fall!


While this look may have started as a Western-style staple, it’s found a place in mainstream fashion everywhere. Tassels in all shapes and sizes can be found in fall booties, fashion earrings, feathery scarves, fringed handbags, and more!

This texture is a great way to add a little touch of drama and femininity to any outfit. And with so many options, you can be as subtle or daring as you’d like.

Our favorite fringe looks for fall: We’ll be rocking ponchos and wraps that have a soft, fuzzy fringe on the bottom hem this season.

Find this cardigan at Dry Goods



Camo is becoming a print we can count on seeing fall season after fall season. And with its perfect fall color palette, this olive green and brown pattern deserves a spot in everyone’s wardrobe.

Because of its neutrality and versatility, camo pairs well with nearly anything. For a more feminine look, try a camo T-shirt dress with heeled booties. For something a little edgier, a camo shirt and leather leggings combo does the trick.

How we’ll be adding camouflage to our closet: A casual sweatshirt, sneakers, and camo joggers makes for the trendiest Saturday afternoon outfit!

Find these joggers at Evereve

Crystals & Sequins

The more sparkle, the better! We are seeing tons of full-sequin skirts, rhinestoned jackets, and sparkling sweaters in our stores this fall. And of course, stores’ jewelry collections are more stunning than ever.

Try your hand at this totally glam look with a sequined cocktail dress, or start a little simpler with a crystal-spotted clutch.

How we’ll be adding some sparkle to our look: We love the pizzazz of gem-covered pumps. It’s an easy way to add tons of character to a little black dress or a leather jacket and jeans.

Find these shoes at Macy’s


We’ve always believed that there’s no better way to add a personal touch to your outfit than with a graphic tee.

And the best news we’ve heard in a while? Graphics aren’t just for tees anymore.

We’ve always liked when designers take a well-loved concept and try it out in something new. This graphic sweater totally nailed our obsessions with cutesy graphic shirts and cozy fall sweaters.

Our go-to graphics this season: We are obsessing over this unexpected sweater look! But we’ll always have a spot in our hearts for the classic graphic tee and flannel pairing. With so many cute options, you really can’t go wrong.

Find this sweater at LOFT



Silver, gold, and all things shiny are in this season. While we love the boldness of sporting a metallic dress, skirt, or bag, we’re seeing much more toned down metallics in our stores. Get your fix of the metallic sheen with sparkling details like in the threading of a sweater or in a pair of statement earrings.

How we’ll be rocking metallic: A pair of shoes with metallic accents is our go-to for incorporating this beautiful, light-reflecting detail into our closet.

Find these shoes at Francesca’s


We’re suckers for decked out denim. While patchwork can be found on a variety of fabrics, you’re most likely to find details like these cute red stars on denim pieces in our stores.

Consider these stylish stitchings the perfect way to add a little extra something to your basic jeans and T-shirt outfit.

How we’ll be workin’ patchwork this season: We love patchwork on both jeans and denim jackets. While neutral colored patches pair more easily with other colors, the bright, attention-grabbing patchwork is our favorite.

Find these jeans at Macy’s


Plaid, a classic fall print, is back again but in a few unexpected ways. Jewelry, bottoms, purses, and ponchos are just a handful of the nontraditional plaid appearances we’ve seen in our stores.

Another surprising move by this pattern? Mixed plaids. We’re seeing different colors and types of plaid being mixed all together into one look.

Sound a little daring? Don’t worry, the plaid flannels we all know and love are in large supply throughout our stores.

Plaid pieces we’ll be wearing this season: Our fall wardrobes always include a few flannel button-ups, but what we truly can’t wait to wear are cozy plaid scarves! Paired with a black jacket, a plaid scarf is our favorite way to add a little chicness to our cool-day attire.

Find this button-up at Evereve


We were so excited when we found out one of our favorite spring and summer patterns was being carried over into the cooler months. We’ve noticed most of our stores’ pieces sticking toward larger floral patterns with darker colors than what’s typically seen in the summer months. Olive, burgundy, mustard, and navy are some of the beautiful floral hues making an appearance this season.

Our favorite fall floral: A floral dress or top is a simple, beautiful way to incorporate these feminine designs into our look. However, sometimes you’ll catch us rocking the floral trend on an embroidered pair of jeans or handbag.

Find this blouse at Apricot Lane


A cool weather fave, corduroy is all over stores this season. We love the fall feel of a corduroy jacket in a pumpkin orange hue, one of this season’s official colors!

Struggling to pull together a full outfit with your corduroy piece? Mix one classic texture with another. A combo of denim bottoms and a corduroy top is a stylish way to layer up for the chilly weather.

Catch us wearing corduroy: Although corduroy pants will always be a favorite of ours, we’ve totally fallen for corduroy jackets this season. A colorful corduroy jacket over a cowl neck sweater is our go-to.

Find this jacket at Forever 21

Animal Print

Animal print is back for another season! With tons of leopard print around stores, adding this pattern into your wardrobe has never been easier.

One of the reasons we love leopard so much? It’s comprised of all neutral colors! Mix and match this print with bold colors like red or mustard for an outfit that makes a statement.

Animal print we’re wild about: Some days we let an animal print tank or blouse steal the show, but most days we prefer a subtler pop. Shoes, belts, and bags are our favorite ways to sport the pattern.

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While we may be partial to velvet because of how cozy it is, this texture is one of our favorites for fall. We’re seeing it everywhere from wrap tops and mini skirts to accessories.

Usually a material we have to wait until holiday time to wear, we’ll be rocking velvet all fall long.

Our very favorite velvet styles: We think velvet is perfect for dressier occasions, like fall date nights. We’ll be pairing our velvet dress with a little bit of leather, either in a jacket or a pair of open-toe booties.

Find these scrunchies at Francesca’s

Faux Leather

Our love for leather will never falter. A must-have for any fall wardrobe, a faux leather jacket creates an edgy, sleek look out of any outfit.

We’ve noticed tons of colored faux leather throughout stores this season. While black is a classic, the burgundy and olive pieces we’ve seen are quickly stealing our hearts.

Leather layers we love: Faux leather jackets are a staple in our closets, but we are obsessed with the other faux leather items hitting stores. Leggings, skirts, and bags are just a few of the pieces we can’t wait to include in our fall style.

Find this jacket at Evereve

Faux Fur

You can expect to see the fluffy textures of faux fur all throughout stores this fall. This cozy and 100% cruelty-free material accents jackets, bags, and even boots with a chic look that screams fall.

Looking for more than just faux fur accents? Try a faux fur coat – they’re warm and fuzzy, and they have the ability to dress up any fall outfit.

Our fall faux fur plans: We’ll be rocking faux fur jackets and vests this season. Whether the fur’s barely there or it’s as bold as can be, we’re going to be wearing it all.

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Ruching, a flattering texture of gathered fabric, is making a comeback this season. We’ve seen everything from ruched skirts to blouses hitting the floors for fall.

Try pairing ruched pieces with more structured items, like pointed toe pumps or a leather jacket, to balance out your whole look.

How we’ll be rocking the ruched look: We are all about ruched sleeves! An unexpected place to find ruching, it adds a little bit of texture to even the simplest top.

Find this dress at Apricot Lane

For more fall fashion tips and trends, head here.

Ready to try out some of these prints and textures for yourself? Take a peek at what’s in our stores, so you can start planning out your next shopping trip!


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