Tips & Tricks to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

All good things are meant to last, so your makeup should too, right? We think so! Scroll through our tips and tricks for making your makeup last long past your lunch break…

By: Maija | February 21, 2017

Between combating dry skin, to perfecting the perfect glow, there are a lot of things to know about perfecting a beauty routine, but one of the most important (and most asked about) tips we have for everyday beauty, is how to make it last! Moments after you’ve completed your desired makeup look, we know that it looks flawless, so why not make sure it stays like that all day long? It can be frustrating seeing your masterpiece fade away throughout the day, so we found some tricks, using some of the top selling products that will make your makeup last throughout your entire day!

Problem: Smudging & Creasing Eye Shadow

Solution: Eye Shadow Primer

One of our all-time favorite makeup products that always seems to be guilty of fading out throughout the day is eye shadow. What once was a perfected smoky eye in the morning, can quickly turn into a raccoon-like mess come mid-afternoon. Luckily, there’s a fix! When it comes to eye shadow, the first step is to add an eye shadow primer. This will insure that your shadow stays all day and night, and will prevent creasing.

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When it comes to glitter shadows, it can be very tricky to get them to stay or to look as intense as you’d like them to. By using glitter glue (it’s not as intimidating as you’d think!), you are able to get the desired effect from your shimmer and glitter shadows, as well as have it last all night long!

Find this glitter glue at Sephora.

Problem: Fading Lipstick

Solution: Translucent Powder

It can be difficult to find a lipstick that works well for long wear. After eating or drinking, even some of our favorite lipsticks seem to melt away. One of our favorite tricks is to apply lip liner and lipstick as you normally would, then for a finishing touch, lightly press a translucent powder on top! By adding this powder, your lipstick will be locked in for good! Not to mention, by adding a matte, translucent powder, you can create a gorgeous matte look from any of your favorite lipsticks.

Find this translucent powder at Sephora.

Problem: Smearing Foundation

Nothing is worse than having your foundation that your perfectly applied, transfer into (and sometimes onto) unintended places. When you hug your friend with a white shirt, or hold your phone up to your cheek –yep, you know how it goes. It can be a nightmare, and really all you need is one simple product as a fix for this beauty blunder. The first step to flawless foundation, is to prime the face. Nothing is more crucial than a foundation primer! This will not only prep the skin, but there are even custom primers for each skin type. Whether you have issues with redness, acne, dullness or texture, there will be a primer that will not only help your makeup last, but also target your specific skin concern. Apply a small amount of primer across your entire face as your first step and then apply your foundation as usual.

Another great trick for getting foundation to stay put and last longer is to apply a finishing powder. Depending on your skin type and desired makeup look, there are many different finishing powders to meet your needs. You can either go with a translucent powder, to lock in your foundation and to erase the chances of your makeup transfer. You could also use a pressed foundation powder to not only set your makeup, but to add a little extra coverage.

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Problem: Making It All Last

Solution: Finishing Spray

Last but not least, the key to ensuring your makeup lasts all night long is a setting spray! Using a setting spray is the ultimate, final touch that will make every bit of your makeup lock in place and resist smudging or wearing away throughout the day. The nice thing about setting sprays it that there are different kinds for all different skin types. There are setting sprays for dry, oily and combination skin that can help prevent your skin concerns from flaring up by mid-day. Gently mist your setting spray on top of your finished look for a perfected, long lasting look!

Find this finishing spray at Sephora.

There you have it! Now go rock that perfect beauty look all day long…


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