How to Shop the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Like A Pro

Calling all Angels! The time has come… Get tips & tricks to getting the best deals and products at the VS Semi-Annual Sale!

By: Niki | June 5, 2018

There’s a certain time twice a year when shopping feels like a special holiday, and we’re talking about the Victoria’s Secret & PINK Semi-Annual Sales. To us, there’s nothing better! From snagging those products we’ve been having an eye on for months at a fraction of a price, to stocking up on all of our favorite finds, semi-annual sales have a special place in our hearts (and wallets).

If you agree, you won’t want to miss the tips & tricks we’ve put together based on our years of shopping these sales. It may just help you score that must-have item that’s now 50-75% off!


Shop the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Like A Pro

1. Shop early!

Really. There’s no time to waste! A lot of times items go extremely fast (especially popular styles and beauty buys). Shopping the sale within the first days of it starting give you a better chance of getting items you are particularly seeking out, especially if you’re in need of a popular size.

2. Don’t let go.

If you’re contemplating on an item, grab it and put it in your bag while you decide. With so many people shopping, it may end up flying off the shelf before you get a chance to go back and grab it. We’ve learned that lesson the hard way…

3. Know your discounts.

With so many items on sale, it’s important to read signs carefully to lessen confusion once you reach the counter. A lot of times, some discounts apply to only select products. It’s best to check the tag on every item that sparks your interest, and ask a sales associate if there is any confusion.

4. Check back!

Victoria’s Secret is continuously stocking items, which means that that items that disappeared from your eyes, or new items you didn’t see, may be on the racks the next day or even within a few hours. Not to mention, as it gets towards the end of the sale, items go on even deeper discounts – usually 75% off, or a set price of $15.99 no matter what the ticket price. That $80 bra you fell in love with – it may end up being under $20.

5. Pick what’s important.

With that in mind, if there aren’t any particular items you’re after, sometimes it’s best to wait until the end when items (especially beauty products) are on their deepest discount. This option is best for those who just want to score the best deal and don’t necessarily care about a certain collection or color being available.

Something to also keep in mind when shopping the sale is that the items that are usually on the shelves are ones from fall and winter. If you’re set on finding a hot pink bra, you may be out of luck (those will usually be our during the December sale). However, we do have to say we were pleasantly surprised by how many recently released products made it into the sale bins (so you may just be in luck!).

Ready to shop?

The sale usually runs around 2 weeks depending on how much merchandise is left.

Now go get your shop on!


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