Easy DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again and Again

Halloween expenses should be for candy, not costumes! Skip the one-time wear costumes this Halloween and get creative with these women’s, men’s, and couples’ costumes made from items already in your closet. Take a look…

By: Heidi | October 19, 2018

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re busy decorating our homes, filling our candy bowls, and planning our costumes. And by planning our costumes, we mean grabbing a few things out of our closets.

With just a dash of creativity and a couple of accessories, you can easily put together totally clever Halloween costumes that are created from everyday clothes, meaning you can wear them again and again.

So whether you’re looking for a costume for yourself, your significant other, or a costume you can wear together, take a look at the ones we created from everyday items that belong in your closet long after Halloween is over.

Psst.. Looking for  ideas for your kids’ costumes? Check out these easy (and adorable) DIY kids’ costumes.

Elle Woods

The character we’ve all wanted to dress up as since Legally Blonde was released is actually a super simple costume to pull together! The pink glasses are a must, and if you really want to nail this fashionista law student look, tuck a little stuffed chihuahua in your purse.

Costume Must-Haves:

Pink dress (JCPenney)

Pink purse (JCPenney)

Heels (Macy’s)

Pink glasses (Claire’s)

Optional: Textbooks, stuffed chihuahua

Tooth Fairy

This crazy cute (and super simple!) costume is a childhood dream come true. Not sure where to find a tooth wand? We made ours!

Costume Must-Haves:

White dress (Macy’s)

Crown (Claire’s)

Tooth wand (Claire’s + tooth made of paper)

Optional: Gloves, wings


We love costumes that we can get in character for, and with a mime costume that pulls together in minutes, we can spend time perfecting the “mime stuck in a box” act that will impress everyone at the Halloween party!

Costume Must-Haves:

Black and white striped shirt (Forever 21)

Black pants (Macy’s)

Suspenders (Claire’s)

Gloves (Claire’s)

Red scarf (Claire’s)

Beret (Macy’s)

Black shoes (Macy’s)

Optional: Face paint

Mister Rogers

We think it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood when a great Mister Rogers costume makes an appearance at Halloween!

Costume Must-Haves:

Red cardigan (JCPenney)

Navy pants (Macy’s)

White button-up (Express)

Tie (JCPenney)

Blue sneakers (Macy’s)

Jake from State Farm

Bring back a TV commercial classic character this Halloween. An easy costume that get tons of laughs? We’ll take it!

Costume Must-Haves:

Red polo (Macy’s)

Khakis (Macy’s)

Dress shoes (Tradehome Shoes)

Name tag

Optional: Headset

Jim and Pam

Everybody’s favorite characters from The Office double as a super simple, feel-good Halloween costume for you and your significant other. Bonus points if you can get a friend to tag along as Dwight!

Costume Must-Haves:


Button-up (Express)

Button-up cardigan (Macy’s)

Pencil skirt (Express)

Black heels (Macy’s)


Blue button-up (Macy’s)

Khaki pants (Macy’s)

Navy tie (JCPenney)

Dress shoes (Tradehome Shoes)

Velma and Shaggy

Jinkies! This couples costume is sure to be loved by Scooby-Doo fans everywhere, plus it’s no mystery how quickly it can be pulled together. Spending Halloween with other couples? Invite them to dress up as the other characters!

Costume Must-Haves:


Orange turtleneck (Forever 21)

Red skirt (Express)

Knee-high socks (Maurices)

Heels (Macy’s)

Glasses (Claire’s)


Green v-neck (JCPenney)

Brown or khaki pants (JCPenney)

Slip-on shoes (Tradehome Shoes)

Magician and a Bunny

The magic in this costume is the head wear. A pair of bunny ears and a top hat pull together this adorable couples costume that gives a whole new meaning to trick-or-treat.


Suit (Express)

Button-up (Express)

Dress shoes (Tradehome Shoes)

Top hat (Hot Topic)

Optional: Bowtie, deck of cards, wand, cape, gloves


Fuzzy white top (Forever 21)

White jeans (Express)

Bunny ears (Claire’s)

Not sure where you’re wearing your Halloween costume yet? Grab the kiddos and come visit West Acres! We’ll be hosting BOOtiful Night: Trick or Treating Event and our Spoooooky Story Squad: Kid’s Story Time with United Way events on Halloween!


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