Dress Like A Mom: Celebrating Local Moms with Evereve

To celebrate Mother’s Day & Evereve’s #DressLikeAMom campaign, meet local moms whose thoughts on motherhood are just as amazing as the outfits the Evereve stylists put them in! Psst. There’s even a fun giveaway at the end so you can get in on the fun.

By: Niki | May 10, 2017

In celebration of Mother’s Day this weekend, we met up with local moms to hear their thoughts on motherhood and watch them rock their “mom style” with adorable outfits from Evereve’s Mother’s Day collection. If this is what #DressLikeAMom looks like, we want in!

Meet the moms…


Full-Time Mama of 3

What does being a Mom mean to you: “It’s like a job I never had. You have to have so much patience, compassion, and empathy. And you can never stop. It’s always there – endless love.”

What’s your favorite part about being a Mom: “Being able to drink coffee and stay at home with them. The freedom is great. I can do what I want and I get to do it with my kids.”

What’s your go-to “Mom style”: “Sporty. I like going athletic with leggings. Really anything comfortable!”

Favorite Mom moment: “When you see your kids showing generosity and kindness towards each other and you know you’ve done a good job. They’re listening to me and becoming good people!”

Your go-to Mom motto: “Anything is possible. Doesn’t matter what you do or become as long as you’re happy. I could add 20 things on to that, but that’s number one.”



Stay at Home Mom of 4

What does being a mom mean to you: “I would say it means being a mentor and good role model for my kids. Someone they can look up to.”

What’s your favorite part about being a mom: “So many. The unconditional love that kids give. You can have a bad day and they still just love you. Especially when you’re always questioning yourself, and then they just come up give you a hug and tell you ‘I love you, mom, and you realize it’s all going to be okay.”

What’s your go-to “mom style”: “Definitely a t-shirt and jeans, or a button up.”

Favorite Mom moment: “There are so many… Recently, my daughter read at mass in front of the congregation at the age of 6. She just had so much confidence to just get up there and do it! A proud mom moment.”

Mom motto: “Always treat everybody with kindness.”



Business owner & Mom of 4

What does being a mom mean to you: “It means the opportunity to create opportunity and provide a path for the life journey of my children.”

What’s your favorite part about being a mom: “My favorite part about being a mom is that it’s truly knowing that I am shaping and impacting 4 blessings that have been given to me.”

What’s your go-to “mom style”: “Definitely jeans – comfort. Tennis shoes, a got-to tee, and a jacket!”

Favorite Mom moment: “When I see that my kids have accomplished something. When they’ve reached a goal or they’ve made it to where they want to be and they share that with me.”

Mom motto: “Be true to you.”



Full-Time Nurse & Mama of 4

What does being a mom mean to you: “Being a mom to me means the never-ending love no matter what stage your kids are in. Right now they’re all in such different stages, so trying to adapt to everyone’s needs, and adapting and coping with that is a huge part of what being a mom is to me.”

What’s your favorite part about being a mom: “Getting to know my kids and each of their personalities and how different each of them are. When they were little they all seemed so alike and now they’re all so different.”

What’s your go-to “mom style”: “Comfortable, yet trendy. Leggings or yoga pants are a go-to, especially when you’re running kids around to every activity.”

Favorite Mom moment: “I feel like I have one with each kid, but lately watching my oldest and the way she has advanced and grown in dance has been fun. And my second oldest – he’s just fun. He’s a character but compassionate. It’s nice to see him show his emotions, because not many boys do.”

Mom motto: “Just go with the flow. That’s how we do it in our house.”



Stay at Home Mom Newbie

What does being a mom mean to you:  “I would say being a mom is the best gift God ever gave me.”

What’s your favorite part about being a mom: “I would say watching my daughter grow into the person she is today. A very strong, kind, and independent little girl.”

What’s your go-to “mom style”: “Well my style has changed now that I’m not in the corporate world. I would say a go-to pair of jeans and a t-shirt… But I still love to put on my pumps and a fun jacket though too!”

Favorite Mom moment: “Many favorite moments, but one most recently was when my daughter and I were able to go on a girls trip together – just the two of us. Seeing the pure excitement and joy of being able to have that mom and daughter time together was pretty priceless.”

Mom motto: “I have a few quotes I love… ‘Moms are powerful leaders of the most important teams of all – their families,’ and ‘the power of positivity goes a long way.’ To instill that in my daughter is really important. To not look at the bad things in life, but to always be looking for the good.”


Thank you to all of these wonderful moms for spending the afternoon with us! If you love their looks, Evereve stylists will help you define your go-to “mom style” with adorable head-to-toe outfits. Then post your favorite mom look with #DressLikeAMom to help us celebrate their campaign!

Here’s a little something to get you started…


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