Beauty Products to Splurge & Save On

Ever wonder what beauty products are really worth the splurge? Read on to learn about which items you can be saving on, and what ones are worth a little extra!

By: Maija | January 4, 2018

Determining whether to splurge or save on certain beauty products can be a tricky but necessary decision. Although we would love to splurge on all our beauty needs, sometimes it’s not in the budget, so to make the buying process a bit easier, we’ve made a list of what categories we suggest splurging and saving on, along with a few of our favorite product suggestions…

Splurge on…


Having clear and healthy skin is essential to any makeup look, and although skincare can help to keep your skin in great shape, it is still important to be cautious of what you’re putting on top of your skin as well. Having good quality foundation is key to not only achieving a flawless look, but also important for keeping your skin healthy. Those who are acne prone or have sensitive skin should most definitely be splurging on their foundation to help keep their skin as healthy and radiant as possible.

Suggestions: Nars Sheer Glow (Sephora), BareMinerals Original Powder (BareMinerals or Sephora), Lancome Foundation (Macy’s, Sephora or Herberger’s), Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation (Macy’s).


Concealer can be a hit or miss product for some of us. You need a concealer that has good coverage, but you also don’t want a product that is too thick  that can cause creasing under the eyes. Finding the perfect concealer isn’t always easy, that’s why when you find your perfect match, it is worth every penny. We have found that the higher end concealers do just the trick and oftentimes sit better with our foundations over lower priced concealers.

Suggestions: Tarte Rainforest of The Sea (Sephora), Estee Lauder Perfectionist Concealer (Macy’s or Herbeger’s)


To some it may be surprising that moisturizer is a product you should splurge on, but we would highly recommend it. Each and every one of us has a unique skin type, and it is important that we purchase products that work for our skin. Generic moisturizers can often cause issues with your skin if you’re not using a product that is made for your certain skin type. Once you find a high quality moisturizer that suits you, you will never go back.

Suggestions: Fresh Rose Hydrating Cream (Sephora), Clinique Dramatically Different (Macy’s or Herberger’s)


The type of cleanser you use can make or break your entire skincare routine. Sometimes using a low quality cleanser can make your skin even worse. It’s important (especially this time of year) to treat your skin with tender love and care. When your skin looks good your makeup will look even better.

Suggestions: Kate Somerville Detox Cleanser (Sephora), Philosophy Purity Cleanser (Macy’s or Sephora)

Save on…


I don’t know about you, but we can never get enough lipstick. With a collection as large as ours, it can be expensive to keep up. Not to mention with the seasons changing, we tend to choose new lip colors very frequently. We always try to save on trendy products that can go in and out of style quickly. Saving on your latest lip colors can save a lot of money when you purchase as many lip colors as us!

Suggestions: Burt’s Bees Lipstick or Tinted Chapstick – $9 (Macy’s), Sephora Collection Lipsticks – $6-$12.50 (Sephora)

Eyebrow Pencil

We have found that less expensive eyebrow pencils can easily work just as well as the expensive brands. You don’t need to use high end brow products to achieve the look you’re going for. As long as you can properly use the product, you won’t have a problem getting the look you want. It’s also easy to go through these products quickly so it’s important to save on something that you can use through quickly.

Suggestions: Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Brow Pencil – $12 (Sephora)


Mascara is a product that comes in a huge variety of types and prices. We are sure that you can find a great quality mascara for a low price. And by doing this, you can save a lot of money. It is recommended that you should get a new tube of mascara every three months, and at that rate, it can get expensive.

Suggestions: Clinique High Impact Mascara -$18 (Macy’s or Herberger’s), Sephora Collection – $12 (Sephora)


We have found that eyeliner is a product that you don’t need to drop a fortune on. When testing out expensive eyeliners versus less expensive, the quality didn’t really change. Eyeliner also has a pretty fast turnover rate and when you have to replace your eyeliner every three months, you don’t want to be spending a lot money.

Suggestions: BareMinerals Lasting Line – $17 (BareMinerals), Sephora Collection – $12 (Sephora)


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