5-Minute Face: For An On-the-Go Beauty Routine

Conquer the morning rush with an easy 5-minute face! You’ll get out the door in no time with this step-by-step beauty routine…

By: Maija | August 21, 2017

After pressing snooze 15 times in a row,  it’s no surprise that you might find yourself in a bit of a rush some mornings. Trust us, we’ve been there before, and we are here to help you conquer our 5-minute beauty routine for those mornings when you’re running  a little short on time.

When you only have a few minutes until you need to be out the door, but you are still fresh faced, what do you need to do? You need to prioritize. The most important step to perfecting a 5-minute face is to sit down and decide what your problem areas may be, and what you want to enhance the most. For me, it’s my complexion. I feel my best when I know my skin looks healthy and clear, and because my skin is my priority, l always start out my beauty routine by perfecting my foundation and concealer first. I would suggest this for most people, as your skin is your main feature – show it off!

Here are the next steps:

1. To make myself appear a bit more awake than I really am, I apply my concealer first, and follow up with my foundation.

2. I chose to use a liquid foundation, followed by a powder foundation, doubling as a finishing powder.

3. Next, I buff some bronzer on my cheeks to give them a little contour and warmth, following with a hint of blush on the roundest part of my cheek.

4. For my favorite step, I add highlighter to the top of my cheek bones for a natural looking glow.

5. Next up, a few swipes of the Brow Wiz to darken up my brows and brush them out, (very quick and easy).

6. A couple quick coats of mascara and my lashes look almost like falsies!

7. Last but not least, my makeup routine is never complete without a hint of lip gloss to finalize a quick, minimalistic and effortless beauty routine!


Products used:

Concealer: Naked Skin, Urban Decay – Found at Sephora

Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow- Found at Sephora

Foundation Powder: Bare Minerals Original Powder- Found at Bare Minerals

Bronzer: Hoola, Benefi t- Found at Sephora

Blush: Impassioned, NAR S- Found at Sephora

Highlighter: Champagne Pop, Becca – Found at Sephora

Brows: Brow Wiz- Benefit – Found at Sephora

Mascara: Better Than Sex, Too Faced – Found at Sephora

Lip Gloss: Stripped, NARS – Found at Sephora


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