5 Fun & Unique Ways to Gift A Mall Card

Ditch the greeting card… Gifting a mall card doesn’t have to be boring. Spice up your gifting strategy with these 5 fun and unique ways to give a mall card!

By: Niki | November 15, 2018

With so many pros to giving a mall card: it always fits, the options are endless, they’ll get what they really want (just to name a few), there is just one downfall – they just aren’t as fun to open, compared to unwrapping a pretty package from underneath the Christmas tree… Until now! With these fun gifting ideas, you’ll be ditching the card and creating something they’ll actually be excited to open in no time.

Here are our 5 unique ways to give a mall card…

Shopping Emergency Frame

Not only can you pick out a frame that perfectly represents their personal style, you’ll also be reminding them that when a fashion emergency arises, they have a little extra money floating around to help them out (is there anything better?). Simply pick out a 4×6 frame, print off our shopping emergency graphic (download for free here!), and place the mall card in the middle. Tie a pretty bow around it and you are good to go!

Finish the Outfit

For the fashion-lovers on your list that really own their sense of style (yeah, we know they can be tricky to shop for), pick out one item you know they’ll love and give them a mall card with a note telling them to finish the outfit. Not only will they love creating a new outfit for themselves, they’ll also love the challenge of completing a look from the item you chose for them!


Make A Day (or Weekend) Of It

There’s something extra special about making memories as part of a gift. When gifting your mall card, create a shopping day or weekend getaway for you and that special someone on your list! We’ve made this option easy for you by creating free printables to include with your mall card, whether you want to make a day of it (click here) or plan a weekend getaway to come see us (click here)! Complete the package by including essentials for planning the ultimate shopping trip like our brochure, a map, and resources to find style inspiration before they shop (included on the free printables!).

With A Wallet

What’s more exciting than opening a gift that gives you complete freedom to choose whatever you want? Opening it in a brand new wallet – because something so great deserves a beautiful home to be placed in for safe keeping, if you ask us!

The Perfect Ornament

Creating a DIY ornament has never been so easy! Simply use a hole punch to punch a hole through the mall card (make sure not to punch through the magnetic strip!), slide through some pretty ribbon, and tie it onto the tree. Make a game of it: give them a list of clues on how to find their gift (we bet they’ll never guess it’s hanging on the tree!).

Buying a mall card over $100 dollars? Buy multiple $20 mall cards and hang them on a small tree. Now nobody can tell you money doesn’t grow on trees (yeah, we went there)!

Still need to purchase a mall card? Mall cards are available at Guest Services during mall hours and online (with free shipping or an option to pick up!). To purchase online, click here.

Happy gifting!


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