5 Easy Outfits for Busy Moms

Calling all mamas! From the work day to kids’ after-school activities to date night, here are five effortless outfits that fit right into your schedule. Take a look.

By: Heidi | September 24, 2018

For many moms, between busy mornings, running errands, long-days at work, sports practice drop offs, play dates, and more, putting together outfits that feel beautiful and stylish tends to end up on the back burner.

We believe that looking and feeling stylish doesn’t have to be difficult, and it certainly doesn’t have to take much time. In just a handful of pieces, with a focus on ones that can be dressed both up and down, we put together five outfits that are perfect for busy moms.

Scroll down to see the styles we put together, as well as the list of staple pieces that belong in every supermom’s closet!

1. Joggers (Dressed up or down!)

Joggers, which are loose-fitting pants with elastic in the waistband and around the ankles, are one of our favorite new pieces taking over stores. Besides the fact that they feel like sweatpants, we also love these pants for how versatile they are.

We styled these joggers with a blouse and pumps for an easy workday look, but they pair just as well with a tee and sneakers for running errands or playing with kiddos.

Shop the look Blouse: Apricot Lane | Joggers: Apricot Lane | Shoes: Macy’s

2. Spanx Leggings (Dressed up or down!)

Just like joggers, Spanx leggings (which can be found at Evereve) are one of our go-to’s for busy moms. Whether you decide on the classic black leggings or a pair with with details like faux leather or a side stripe, these Spanx leggings are high-quality, chic, and have our favorite feature: they’re super comfortable.

We paired these Spanx leggings with an over sized cowl neck sweater and pumps, but they look equally as cute with a sweatshirt and baseball cap.

Shop the look Sweater: LOFT | Leggings: Evereve | Shoes: Macy’s

3. Patterned/Colored Denim

A pair of jeans, a tee, and a cardigan is a super easy, get-dressed-in-60-seconds kind of outfit. And with a pair of denim in a unique color or fun pattern (like these adorable camouflage pants!), this effortless look gets an extra touch of personality.

Can’t decide which pattern or color to go for? Take a look at your closet to see what colors you seem to wear the most, then select your denim based on what would match best with your favorite tops, jackets, and shoes!

Shop the look Pants: Gap | Shirt: Evereve | Cardigan: Gap | Shoes: Macy’s

4. Wrap Dress + Jacket

Dresses are one of our secret weapons for a busy mama’s wardrobe! Because it’s just one piece, you don’t have to worry about putting together an entire outfit, which makes getting ready in the morning a whole lot easier.

We love having two wrap dresses ready in our closet: a classic black wrap dress as well as one with a trendy, fun print! Have a little extra time to accessorize? Throw on a leather or denim jacket, booties, or sneakers… A wrap dress pairs well with almost anything!

Shop the look Dress: Apricot Lane | Jacket: Gap

5. Graphic Tee + Jeans + Layering Piece

A cute graphic tee and jeans is one of our favorite, simplistic looks. Throw a jacket over top to make your outfit wearable from warm afternoons to chilly evenings, and also to easily add an extra touch of interest to your outfit.

Try a blazer for a business casual look, a leather jacket for something edgy, or a cardigan for a cozy outfit!

Shop the look Tee: LOFT | Jacket: Express| Jeans: LOFT | Shoes: Macy’s


Staples for a Busy Mom’s Wardrobe

Ready to stock up on busy-mom essentials? Here is our list of must-haves:


Sneakers, flat-heeled booties, pumps with a fun print, slide flats, and wedge booties (like the Sorel ones you can find at Tradehome Shoes!)


Joggers, Spanx leggings, colored/patterned denim, and a great pair of jeans


Graphic tee, basic long sleeves (solid colored and patterned), neutral-colored sweater, patterned blouse, and a cute, comfortable sweatshirt


Wrap dresses! We love having a black one and a patterned one.

Layering Pieces

Denim jacket, leather jacket, blazer, kimono, and cardigan

Our top tip for making sure updating your wardrobe is a breeze: Keep an eye on what’s in our stores, updated weekly!



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