3 Ways to Wear Sweats for Guys

How to wear sweats without really looking like you’re wearing sweats… challenge accepted. Get a glimpse into how we’re breaking down this season’s comfiest styles…

By: Heidi | September 28, 2018

With joggers becoming a fashion staple and stylish sweats making their way into the hottest trends this season, it’s no surprise that we are loving the idea of incorporating fashion’s comfiest pieces into our everyday look.

The key to nailing a wearing-sweats-without-looking-lazy outfit is to pair your sweats with a more structured item, like a vest or great jacket. To see the must have items in your closet this season, head here – having a solid foundation of go-to pieces in your closet makes it easier to “dress up” your sweats and put together outfits in a flash.

Guys, take a look at how to wear sweats 3 different ways…

1. Joggers + Bomber Jacket

Joggers get sharpened up a bit with this sleek bomber jacket. Plus, because the jacket is a bit bulkier, the narrowing at the ankles on the joggers balances out the whole look.


  • Look for joggers with a subtle print, like these camouflage ones, to add in a bit of detail.
  • A pop of color adds more interest to this cool-casual look. Colorful shoes or a hat are easy ways to include color.

Shop the look  Joggers: Express | Tee: Express | Bomber Jacket: Gap

2. Hoodie + Denim Jacket

Layering is the easiest (and coziest) way to add dimension to your look. By throwing an extra layer over your sweatshirt, it makes the whole outfit feel a bit more put together. We love a great denim jacket, and it plays an extra role in this outfit by making the mustard hoodie pop.


  • Try a bright colored hoodie when pairing it with denim.
  • Whether you prefer leather, denim, a bomber, military style, or any other type of jacket, you really can’t go wrong with an extra layer over your hoodie.

Shop the look  Hoodie: Express | Jeans: Gap | Denim Jacket: Gap | Boots: The Buckle

3. Hoodie + Vest

One of our all-time favorite fall combinations, a hoodie and vest is the ultimate trick for turning your lounge wear into street style. While a vest is a super simple piece, it is a powerful item in adding interest, especially when you choose one with a unique pattern or texture.


  • Try a neutral colored vest (but one that still includes details like zippers), and let the hoodie be the star of the show instead.
  • Experiment with zipping and unzipping the vest, but when in doubt, unzipped almost always looks good.

Shop the look  Hoodie: Express | Jeans: The Buckle | Vest: The Buckle | Boots: The Buckle

To see what hoodies, crew necks, joggers, and other items are in our stores, head here (this in-store sneak peek is updated weekly, so you can always plan out your shopping trips ahead of time!)

For more men’s style tips this season, check out our page dedicated to tips and trends.


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