Our Share the Joy Stories of 2016

Read our stories and reactions from our 2016 Share the Joy campaign!

By: Niki | January 5, 2017

Two years ago we launched our Share the Joy campaign in hopes that we could bring a little extra joy to the lives of our customers by giving back to them and randomly paying for their purchases. We had so much fun bringing this campaign back again for our 2016 holiday season, and today we are sharing with you some of the stories and reactions from our staff who helped us share the joy!

We chose to help a young lady purchase a couple pair of jeans for her soon-to-be two year old; however, we asked if she could find a few more items so we could pay for her entire purchase. She was ecstatic! She managed to find pajamas for all 5 of her young children. She couldn’t believe it! It was such a great feeling being able to help a young family.” – LuAnn

He picked out a suitcase and two new bed pillow for his wife! He was very surprised and grateful for the generosity of West Acres.” – Kim

For my Share the Joy I wanted to give anonymously, so I slipped a mall card into two of our customers coat pockets. I love knowing that sometime in the future our customers will find that surprise money in their pocket!” -Lindsey

We purchased a meal at Chili’s for a grandma, mom, and little girl. Their meal costed $25, so we decided to add a tip of $20 for the waiter. Everyone was so excited! I think the manager thanked us at least three times for coming in, and he almost seemed the most excited of all! – Janna

Being a part of the share the joy campaign was such an adrenaline rush and made me so happy! It was so fun to see the cashiers and other customers be so affected by the act of kindness. I can’t wait to do it again, and I think those who witnessed this will be motivated to do the same!” – Hannah

I purchased a couple meals for customers for Share the Joy. It makes the me feel good and it makes the people very happy!” – James

As a single parent raising 3 kids, I will always remember the unexpected blessings that came our way. Those little blessings meant so much, and that’s why I love to Share the Joy with our customers at West Acres. The joy and surprise in their eyes is worth every minute!” – Gloria

An woman stopped by the office to pick up mall cards for a family of four. She had $90, which was split 4 ways. After she had left, I realized I had missed a great opportunity to Share the Joy. Other employees helped me search for her in the mall. When she came back to the mall office, I explained that we were giving her back the $90 she spent on mall cards. She was so surprised and couldn’t believe it! It was an awesome feeling being able to make someone else’s day that much brighter.” – Cheryl

I did Share the Joy at Justice. There was a little girl and her grandmother shopping. It was so much fun to see her looking at everything fun in the store. When they checked out, I let them know that I was paying for their things. Their expression on their faces was amazing! Even the sales associate had goose bumps.” – April

While looking for a customer to Share the Joy with, I passed by Macy’s shoe department where a woman was looking for a pair of boots. You could sense a feeling of frustration as she settled on a pair and made her way to the checkout. I thought this would be a great opportunity to hopefully turn her day around. I approached her to let her know I was paying for her boots, and her face just beamed with surprise and joy. She explained she was having such a horrible week and that our act of kindness truly made her week! It was the greatest feeling.” – Niki

It was such a privilege and such a joy to participate in the Share the Joy campaign this year. To see the look of surprise and the smile on the families faces was absolutely awesome! The father even said “thank you so much! How can we share the joy?” I can’t wait to do this again next year!” – Jim


At West Acres, we feel so blessed to be able to have amazing customers to give back to! Although this is just one of the many ways we are able to Share the Joy, we hope to continue to spread kindness and compassion throughout our community throughout the entire year, and we encourage everyone to do the same! Acts of kindness don’t have to be monetary, here are some of our other favorite ways to Share the Joy:

  • Smiling at a stranger
  • Shoveling someone’s driveway
  • Volunteering at a local charity
  • Holding the door for someone
  • Donating items to those in need
  • Giving compliments to someone
  • Motivating others to spread kindness and joy


To read more about our Share the Joy campaign, how it came about and how it works, click here.


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