Favorite Activities for Kids at West Acres

There’s something extra special when things are seen through the eyes of a child, so we took some kiddos around the mall to see their favorite stops and what activities and places they love most!

By: Niki | August 2, 2018

When it comes to all things fun for kids, we went to the experts themselves to see what their favorite things to do are in the mall. And let us tell you, there is something extra-special about their favorite stops and activities, when seen through their perspectives. (We feel like kids again!)

We strive to be a place for everyone – young and old – to come and enjoy their day; whether it be shopping, walking, meeting up with friends, enjoying a meal, or in these kiddos case – trying to fit as many activities in as they can until their mama says it’s time to go home! We spent the afternoon exploring the mall and making stops at their favorite sites and attractions. (Our energy is still recovering). After an afternoon with our littlest visitors, we made a list of kid-approved activities for a fun-filled afternoon at the mall…

The Aquarium

Our first stop was at the 1,000-gallon freshwater aquarium in the Aquarium court near Sears. They spent several minutes picking out their favorite fish (and giving them all names). Psst. If you’re trying to keep your kiddo entertained, there are hundreds of colorful fish (17 varieties, to be exact) that they can scope out! See if they can spot the connection between the sculpture in the fish tank and the sculpture, Pipedream, across the court.


“Pipedream” Sculpture

Also while in the Aquarium Court, it was a must for them them to stop at the interactive sculpture called “Pipedream”, a spiral-like, soaring interactive sculpture made of 100 brushed and beveled steel pipes that engages young and old alike. The kids loved walking and peeking through it (we even caught them mid-jump while dancing within the sculpture). Also in the court is a one-dimensional design of Pipedream that is imaged in the deep blue and green inlaid cement floor. It is also a fun spot for kiddos to run around and explore. While they are engaged in interactive art, you can relax on one of the many couches and get a view of the large flat-screen in the court (a great place to take a break from shopping!).


Recess West

When the littlest ones (under 42 inches) need to run off some energy, Recess West, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota,  is their (and your) favorite spot! Who doesn’t love a place you can have recess all year long? Kids love getting up close with these bright-colored park-themed elements.The soft-foam material makes them perfect for crawling in and on, with plenty of tunnels to explore and slide through.


Legacy Toys

There’s nothing more fun then getting your hands on an endless amount of toys that you can interact with! Legacy Toys provides a magical experience and makes it to the top of the list of favorite activities for kids.


Legacy Sweets

As if Legacy Toys couldn’t be any better, our new store Legacy Sweets is a must-stop for any family! Filled with a variety of retro and new age candies and sweets, you’re able to get your sugar buzz on before (or during) your shopping!


Buffalo Court

The next stop was at Buffalo Court, home to “Buffalo Path, The Gathering,” a life-size bison sculpture, that they loved to look at and pick out all of their favorite colors.  The court is also filled with many other art pieces such as paintings, pottery and sculptures that they were intrigued by – and we thought our adult shoppers were the only fans of our local art collection!


The Fountain

This one may be especially fun for the kiddos, but we have to be honest, we find just as much enjoyment sitting in the natural-lit fountain court, soaking in the sites and sounds of the “Fountain of Abundance”and fresh greenery! The little ones on the other hand, enjoyed making a wish (or two) and looking through the kaleidoscopes.

Fun fact: Fountain “proceeds” are donated monthly to area individuals facing challenges as well as non-profit organizations.


Game On

One of our newest spaces inside the food court, Game On, brings play to a whole other level! For kids and adults alike, the latest in Themed Video Games, Innovative Redemption Games, Self-Merchandisers, and more. You will find the crowd favorites as well as the return of Pinball. Think of it as the arcade of the future – the kids love it!


Snack Time

After an afternoon of fun, they wanted to refuel with a sweet treat. (Can you blame them?). We were definitely on board with that one! With so many options to choose from, why not test them all – right? This meant a stop at Coolbird Creamy for some ice cream, a pit stop at Mrs. Fields for cookie samples, some sips (frozen hot chocolate) at Moxie Java, and a few pieces from the candy machines. Sugar buzz, anyone?


The Pet Store

It’d wouldn’t be a trip to mall without a pit-stop at the pet store, would it? It’s safe to say we were equally in love with these precious pups!

What are your kid’s favorite activities in the mall? We would love for you to share with us! Tag your photos and favorite memories at the mall with @WestAcresMall on Instagram, or post on our Facbeook page.


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