What’s New: Introducing Our New Artist in Residence Elizabeth Rockstad

We are so excited to continue our Artist in Residency program with our sixth Artist in Residence, Elizabeth Rockstad! Read on to learn about Elizabeth, her art, and what you can expect from her time in this creative pop-up space…

By: Heidi | January 23, 2019

It’s hard to believe we are welcoming our sixth Artist in Residence. From watching artists share their talents with the community, grow in their creative processes, and redefine the possibilities of what can exist in a shopping center, our Artist in Residence program has quickly became one of our favorite additions to West Acres.

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Artist in Residence, Elizabeth Rockstad. Elizabeth is the founder and owner of Studio 4:13 Mosaics in Ada, Minnesota, and is a licensed K-12 Art teacher with over 17 years of teaching experience. She will be offering workshops for both adults and kids throughout her Residency, and mall guests will have the opportunity to work alongside Rockstad in a community mosaic, which will then be permanently housed at West Acres.

Scroll down to read more about Elizabeth, learn about her process of creating mosaics, and see when you can visit her during her studio hours between now and March 2nd.

Q: What triggered your interest in art?

I was blessed to be raised in a family who made most of our Christmas gifts, school projects, etc.  Creating was encouraged and just part of everyday life.  I was first introduced to GOG (glass on glass) mosaic while taking a stained glass class.  I quickly learned I was NOT good at soldering and the process was a bit too confining for me.  Taking the scraps of glass and creating an image/design made more sense to me.

Q: How would you describe your art?

I enjoy re-using and re-purposing different materials to make something beautiful and meaningful.  My style has evolved, as most artists’ styles do.  With experience comes more experimenting.  Pattern, line, color and texture are very important in my creative process.  My pieces have become more colorful and textural as time goes on.  My current passion is working with beads and Smalti glass.  I often incorporate mandala/circle patterns into my work.  I enjoy the unity it brings to my pieces.

Q: What is your biggest inspiration for your art these days? What drives you creatively?

My biggest inspiration right now is other artists. I have gotten to know mosaic artists all over the world. With social media and technology, we are able to share ideas, experiments, tools, tricks of the trade, and much more.  They are a very open group, always willing to help or give advice.  I would have to say teaching and educating people about the history and process of mosaicking is one of the biggest things that drives me creatively.  If you stop by the studio, I can’t promise you won’t get a history lesson and/or more information than you ever wanted!

Q: What would you consider as your biggest accomplishment in your artistic career so far?

Opening my own art studio (Studio 4:13) and owning my own business has to be one of my biggest accomplishments.  Every artist dreams of creating their own art and getting paid for it!  I couldn’t have done it without the help of my amazing family!  Being a West Acres Artist in Residence is an amazing opportunity, I can’t wait to share my love of mosaics with a new community.

Q: What does this Artist in Residency mean to you?

I am so excited for this amazing opportunity to share my passion of mosaics and work in a beautiful new space.

Q: What can we expect to see during your time at West Acres?

During my time at West Acres, I plan to work on a few different types of mosaics.  I hope people feel comfortable enough to come and visit and see what I’m up to…you are always welcome!  I am planning to offer both kids and adult mosaic classes, along with a community mosaic project.  We are still in the “planning” stage, but it will be posted when we will be ready for the public to come and work.  The mosaic will stay at West Acres and become a permanent piece of art for the mall.

Q: Are your pieces available for purchase?

Yes. I can’t wait for them to find a good home!

Q: Why West Acres? Why take advantage of this opportunity?

I enjoy walking around the mall and seeing the diverse selection of local art/artists.  This residency allows me the time and space to offer classes and share my passion.  I hope to inspire and encourage others to jump in and try something new.

Elizabeth’s Studio Hours and Workshops

Elizabeth will be working in her studio and open for observation during the following hours:

Jan. 24th (10-6pm)  26th (10-6pm)  29th (10-2pm)

Jan.  29-Feb. 7 (OFF)

Feb. 8th (12-8pm)  9th (12-8pm)  12th (10-4pm)   14th (10-4pm)   15th (12-8pm)  19th (10-4pm)   20th (10-6pm)   21st (10-4pm)  28th (10-4pm)

March 1st (10-4pm)   March 2nd (12-8pm)

For workshop events, please visit the West Acres Facebook page or Elizabeth’s website.


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