What’s New: Introducing Our New Artist in Residence Brandon LaPlante

We are so excited to continue our Artist in Residence program with a new local artist! Read more about what you can expect from this creative pop-up space below…

By: Niki | October 15, 2018

We can hardly believe we’re welcoming our 5th Artist in Residence program artist. It has been such a pleasure seeing each artist come and go and see the relationships they develop and experiences they have during their time with us, and we hope our customers have enjoyed having them just as much as we have! We’re continuing the fun with a new local artist – Brandon LaPlante!

Learn more about Brandon and his work in our Q&A below…

Q: What triggered your interest in art?

As soon as I was able, I was making marks, making noise & making a mess. Exploring the world around me & learning through the creative process.

Q: How would you describe your art?

A continuous conversation between myself & the materials, which helps me learn the lessons this life has to teach me.

Q: What is your biggest inspiration for your art these days? What drives you creatively?

I am most inspired by the want to learn, grow, create & share. Creation is the language in which I learned how to perceive, understand & communicate with the world. Creativity drives me. Simply put, I am just wired to make things.

Q: What would you consider as your biggest accomplishment in your artistic career so far?

My band Sleeping in Gethsemane. It was the purest form of creative expression I have ever taken part of. No other creative endeavor has matched the level of fulfillment I experienced with Sleeping in Gethsemane.

Q: What does this Artist in Residence mean to you?

This residency is both an opportunity to showcase all of the art that has gotten me to this point, as well as a stepping stone to where art will soon take me.

Q: What can we expect to see during your time at West Acres?

A little bit of everything. Music, murals, abstract painting, portrait drawing, sculpture, furniture…

Q: Are your pieces available for purchase?

Yes!!! I want all of my pieces to find good homes.

Q: Why West Acres? Why take advantage of this opportunity?

The West Acres Artist Residency is exactly the opportunity I’ve been looking for. I could not have imagined a better way to create & share my art in this community. I am truly grateful to all of the people responsible for making this possible.


Visit Brandon’s studio, located in the JCPenney wing!


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