West Acres by the Numbers: Fun Facts You Maybe Didn’t Know

There’s a lot that goes into making us who we are, so we broke it down into some of our favorite fun facts about the mall!

By: Niki | June 2, 2017

From our nearly 1 million square foot building, to the amount of our stores with local ownership, there are some fun numbers behind the facts that have created who we are today. Take a fun glimpse into West Acres by the numbers…

The Structure

  • Our building opened in August 2, 1972 – which means we’re turning 45 this year!
  • About 18 acres under one roof – we have a roughly 1 million square foot building.
  • 311 trees on the entire property.
  • Approximately 5,500 parking spots.
  • 750 chairs are put up and down in the food court daily. Some employees have flipped over 1 million chairs.
  • We have 55 toilets. 20 mens, 23 women’s, and 6 adult sized and 6 kid sized in the family rooms.
  • 3,744 miles of toilet paper used each year.
  • Over 30 miles of parking lot striping (not including extended property)

The Experience & Culture

  • 195 regional art pieces typically on display through our Regional Showcase program.
  • Around 100 live performances by local groups each year.
  • The longevity of our longest standing stores is 45 years – since we opened!
  • 28 in-line stores and 11 carts & kiosks are currently locally owned. (That’s over 1/3 of our stores!)

The Impact

  • 35 customer’s purchases paid for by West Acres during our Share the Joy campaign last year
  • 56% percent of West Acres employees gave to the United Way last year.
  • 284 organizations received direct financial support from West Acres through our West Acres Cares program last year.
  • $5,900, on average, is thrown into the fountain each year – all donated to charity.
  • The total amount of donations given to charitable donations from West Acres in 2016 was $175,748.

The Staff

  • The average years of service for our employees is 10 years.
  • The longest tenured employee has been with us for 42 years. (Brad, our Operations Manager!)
  • 16% of our employees (9 out of 57) have been employed with us for over 20 years.
  • 39% of our employees (22 out of 57) have been employed with us for over 10 years.


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