How to Create the Perfect Cup of Coffee

There’s  nothing better than a warm cup of joe, but creating the perfect cup of coffee can be a tricky task.  We went to the experts at Creative Kitchen to get insight on their skill, and we’re sharing their tips with you!

By: Niki | November 17, 2016

We love a great cup of coffee, but we definitely don’t consider ourselves to be coffee connoisseurs, so we decided to go to the experts at Creative Kitchen to learn their tips for creating that just-perfect cup (they did not disappoint!). In fact, it was so good that we couldn’t just keep this perfect-coffee process to ourselves, so we’re sharing everything we learned with you today!

Let’s get started (before the caffeine wears off)…

According to the experts at Creative Kitchen, to create the perfect cup of coffee the kind of beans and coffee grounds you are using is not the only important part – what you make your coffee with is just as important! It’s the process that counts. After going through the differences between a few different coffee makers and machines, we stopped on The Espro Press P5 (the newest maker by Espro).

French presses always seem a little daunting, but they are said to create amazing coffee! This press promised an excellent cup of coffee or tea, guaranteed, but (naturally) we were a little hesitant on just how good a cup of coffee could be coming from a small simple-looking press. Our hesitations were quickly put to rest when we put this press to the test!


1. Prep filtration system

The first part of the process was to put the filters together. This press is created with a micro-filtration system that seals out the grit, so you get a rich cup every time. The great thing about this system is that it also stops the coffee-extraction as soon as it is pushed down, so every sip – up the the very last one – tastes just as perfect as the first.

2. Add coffee grounds

At this point, you can add your coffee grounds. We used the Creative Kitchen House Blend, that is always carried in store, and has a very smooth and rich espresso aroma. Creative Kitchen suggests adding 6-8 scoops of grounds, depending on your coffee preferences.

3. Add hot water

Once you have added your grounds, add hot water to the fill line on the french-press – we used the Zojirushi Panorama Window® Micom Water Boiler & Warmer (sold at Creative Kitchen), which was extremely convenient. It was great having perfectly hot water ready when needed, and it made the coffee creation process much quicker than having to self-boil water. (However, you can definitely also use a tea kettle or a pot to boil water.) Don’t forget to give it a quick stir during this step!

Fun fact: This press is made of 40% thicker, higher-quality glass than a traditional press, so your coffee stays warmer longer and is much more durable.

4. Cover with filters and lid

At this point, it is time to include the lid, with filters and plunger, into the process. Simply cover the container with the lid, while keeping the plunger raised and the spout of the lid away from the pour of the container (this way the coffee will not spill out during the next step).

After you complete this step, wait 4 minutes as the coffee and water begin to combine and set.

5. Press and filtrate

This is the most important (and satisfying) part of the process – it’s time to press! Slowly start pushing down on the plunger. When you feel resistance, pull the plunger back up and press down again. Keep repeating this process until the plunger reaches the bottom. It is important that you are not forcing this plunger down! It will take 3-5 times going up and down before this process is complete – trust us, it was well worth it in the end.

6. Pour and enjoy!

The much-anticipated moment of getting our first taste of the perfect cup of coffee was well-worth the process – it was amazing! Given that we had no experience making coffee this way, our eyes were opened to a new way to enjoy a cup, and we are ready to take on the task ourselves to start our mornings (and sometimes afternoons) off right!

Craving a cup? Stop in to Creative Kitchen to see a demo yourself! After being hesistant on the process, we realized just how important the actual creation process of coffee-making was in the final taste. Another great thing we learned about this maker is the many other ways it can be used to create customized coffee and tea based on personal preference (score!). This press quickly made it to the top of our must-have list for any coffee lover.

Psst. The holidays are almost here! The Espro Press P5 makes a great gift for the coffee and tea connoisseurs on your list and it’s under $60!

This post was not sponsored in any way and is a honest review and reflection of our experience with this product. Additional information about the product was provided by Creative Kitchen.


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