Behind the Scenes of our Fall 2016 Commercial & Photoshoot

Ever wonder what the set of our commercials and photoshoots look like? Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes photos of our latest Fall 2016 commercial and photoshoot!

By: Niki | August 10, 2016

You could say we have had fall on our mind since early summer! From brainstorming ideas, to planning, to executing, to things finally coming together on shoot day, it is crazy the amount of time and work that gets put into a 30 second commercial and 24 page lookbook!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes details and photos to give you a little insight into our new fall campaign:

The Concept:

The campaign is called “Embrace the Moments of Fall” and centers around taking in all of the moments that make fall what it is for everyone. Whether it’s starting a new school year, turning over a new leaf, a new fashion season, a new beginning, coming together after a hectic summer, or just embracing things you love about fall – pumpkin spice lattes, cozy knits, golden sunsets, the pure coziness of the season – we want you to embrace the moments you love about fall and all of the fall fashion that goes along with those moments.

This is probably one of the hardest parts of the whole process – brainstorming ideas took time until we came up with one we absolutely loved.

The Preparation:

Once concepts are set, crews are scheduled, locations scouted, models are picked (do you recognize any of our amazing models*), and dates are set, it’s time to hit the racks to come up with some great styles to showcase!

We are so fortunate to work with our stores to use their wide variety of styles to come up with a few outfits for each model. It’s not the easiest of tasks, but it sure is a fun one! Shopping as a job? Yep, always count us in!

*Insider tip: We always use our own customers as models! It is so fun to put the spotlight on people in our community that make the mall what it is! If you’re interested in modeling possibilities/opportunities, please contact us.

The Day of the Shoot:

This was a long day (15 hours to be exact), but was so much fun! From our amazing teams and crews, to awesome models, we don’t think this day could’ve been any more flawless. And that sunset lighting? Come on! We couldn’t have asked for better – thanks, Mother Nature!

Here are a few more photos from the day…

Love it at much as we do? See the final products here and here!

A special thank you to the following people for making our campaign what it is:

Videography: Threefold Video Production

Photography: Elisabeth Eden Photography

Floral: Love Always Floral

Set Styling & Props: The White House Co.

Hair & Makeup: Nikki Terras from Adae Salon


Keep an eye out for more pieces of our campaign all fall long!


I have the privilege of being on the amazing Marketing, PR and Fashion team as the Digital Marketing Manager at West Acres. When I am not managing our social and digital platforms and brainstorming content ideas, I am the woman behind (and sometimes in front of) the camera – creating content and working with the media to create segments to introduce the latest trends! When I’m not at the mall, you can find me watching “Friends,” eating ice cream by the carton, spending time with my family and friends, feeding my Pinterest addiction or crossing off destinations on my traveling bucket list.




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