All About the New MORPH II Art Exhibit

The latest addition to West Acres is an abstract sculpture exhibit created by a team of 25 talented artists. Learn about this new art exhibit installed until mid-May in our Buffalo Court, and find out when you can join the artists and creators for an opening reception!

By: Heidi | February 26, 2019

Just a few days ago, our Buffalo Court was transformed into the home of the exhibit, MORPH II: Body of Abstract. MORPH II is a collection of sculptures created from mannequin pieces painted independently by 25 abstract artists, then pieced back together into unconventional groupings.

Besides the bold, beautiful colors that immediately grabbed our attention when we entered the exhibit, one of our favorite parts of this unique exhibition is the 360 degree viewing experience, allowing visitors to walk through the exhibit and view the art from all angles and sides.

The Artists Behind MORPH II

The exhibit’s collaborative artists include Hugo Sarmiento, the exhibit’s creative visionary, Marjorie Schlossman, the leader and sponsor of Plains School of Abstract Painters, and 25 professional and evolving abstract artists from the Plains School of Abstract Painters.

This stunning exhibit is described by its creators as “a remarkable sculpture experience through a team-built exhibition of dynamic proportions. The exhibit is built on the imagination of 25 abstract artists’ sculptural re-purpose of by-gone mannequin pieces. Each piece was painted independently by an artist and the sculptural groupings were created when the painted pieces were reunited. The ‘sum of the abstract mannequin parts’ creates a juxtaposition to the traditional use of mannequins; and promotes a dialogue on the vast cultural norms of body and beauty.”

An Exhibit for Everyone

For seasoned art exhibit goers and new art appreciators alike, we think MORPH II can be enjoyed by everyone. Between the expressive brush strokes and bold colors, the unexpected incorporation of mannequins in abstract painting, and simply the ability to observe a collection of such great talent during your shopping trip, there’s something that everyone can appreciate.

Want to spend a little longer taking in all of the stunning artwork? Grab a seat on one of the vintage couches placed around the perimeter of the exhibit, or snap a photo with your favorite sculpture using the hashtag #ILoveWestAcres on Instagram for a chance to win a Mall Card!

Art and West Acres

We feel so fortunate to be able to provide a space for artists to showcase their talents. Between MORPH II, our Artist in Residence program, and our Regional Showcase collection, we not only have the largest collection of local art in the region, but we are truly proud to passionately support artists and their work.

Opening Reception Details

If you want to learn more about this exhibit and the people who created it, join us for an opening reception on Saturday, March 9th from 2-5 pm in the Buffalo Court. This opening reception is free and open to the public, and features the creators, designers and artists of MORPH II, live music, wine, and more. Click here to RSVP and set yourself a reminder. We hope to see you there!


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