A Look Inside A Digital Marketing Internship at West Acres

Learn about the ins and outs of our Digital Marketing & Content Creation Internship, from our current intern, Madeline.

By: Madeline | July 13, 2018

As I am getting ready to end my time here and move on to my next adventure, I wanted to share about my experience at West Acres. Get to know me and what I’ve been up to the 7 months of my internship in the Q&A below…

What is my official title? And what does that mean?

I am the Digital Marketing and Content Creation Intern. I assist the marketing team in creating digital marketing materials for campaigns as well as day -to-day creation of content for our social media and blog, by working with stores to pull and style merchandise, researching information for upcoming posts, and assisting with brainstorming content ideas.

What did I study in school?

When I started this job in January while I was finishing up my last semester at NDSU. I majored in Strategic Communication with a minor in Art. My major really helped me with this position as it teaches you essential skills for Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing roles. My art minor definitely didn’t hurt with this position because visuals and attention to detail are big parts of my job.

What drew you to this job?

My major can be applied to many jobs, but I have always thought my dream job would be in digital marketing and content creation. This internship was perfect for me to get a hands-on glimpse of what that position entails in the real world work environment. I have found that I love it just as much as I thought I would. I am from Fargo so West Acres has always been my local mall. Knowing the culture of the mall and how much they like to work with the community, I knew I would like being a part of their team.

What does a day in the life of a West Acres intern look like?

When I get to work, we have a team meeting where we discuss all the upcoming tasks and do any necessary brainstorming. My tasks the rest the day vary from day to day – I am usually out and about around the mall so I don’t spend too much time in my office. Instagram stories are a frequent task, which are so fun because this is one of the ways I get to be creative. When it’s time to make the visuals for blog posts you can also sometimes find me on the other side of the camera too. Another major part of my job is pulling merchandise to style photoshoots. Sometimes photoshoots are on a small scale for blog posts, but when we have a big photoshoot coming up, a lot more prep is involved. And then there are the days when we are on-site of a  photoshoot for a campaign or running an event – this is where I get to have a lot of fun! I love interacting with the models and people from our community. It is always amazing seeing our vision come to life.

What is my favorite campaign I helped work on?

One of my favorite campaigns that we did during my time here was our spring campaign, and with that came our spring lookbook. This was one of the larger photoshoots we did this spring. We use people from our community as our models, and it was a blast getting to know each of them while working on set. I was able to assist with the styling and direction of this shoot, which is something you would think a typical internship wouldn’t allow. I also loved getting to see the finished product, and at the end knowing I played a part in it.

What is the best parts about this job?

As I’ve said earlier, getting to do something I enjoy makes me excited to come into work everyday, and I love that no two days are the same. If you decide to apply for this internship, I definitely suggest you have a passion for a majority of the job description tasks. Although most days are super fun, there is a lot of hard work involved and not all days are as glamorous as others. But other than that, the West Acres team has been so friendly and welcoming. From day one I felt like I was apart of their culture and community. West Acres is a company that you can truly feel how much they care for their employees.

What did I learn from this job?

Where do I begin? I learned about so many aspects of a marketing team. I now know what goes on behind the scenes with a digital marketing team for a company and business that targets a variety of demographics. I learned a lot about basic tasks of marketing – from posting content to working on photoshoots. Not only did I learn skills like content creation, but also I grew as a professional. This work climate is so positive which is key to the growth of my confidence and creativity.

How will this job benefit me in the future?

My job here gave me very valuable real world experiences. This was the best opportunity for me because I can now confidently define what I want in a future career after knowing all the things I’ve loved about working here. I will be able to draw on the experiences I had in this internship in many future interviews and careers for years to come.

Who would be perfect for this position?

People who are majoring or majored in Strategic Communication, Marketing, or any related majors would be the best fit for this internship. If your idea of a dream job is one where you get to be creative every day, this job could be for you. It also requires that you have a passion for fashion and feel comfortable styling and picking merchandise independently. When I say I work on the marketing team, I really mean team – being a team player is necessary. We are often creating together, which in my opinion, is what makes it so fun.

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I am so excited to be working with the wonderful marketing team at West Acres, as the Digital Marketing and Content Creation Intern. I am a senior at NDSU, studying PR and Advertising with a minor in Art. I love my job because I get to apply my degree to three of my biggest passions: Fashion, Content Creation, and Social Media. When I'm not at work you can find me planning my next adventure with my family or friends!




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