5 Things You Didn’t Know About West Acres’ Regional Showcase

If at first glance you read the title and thought “what is Regional Showcase?” you’ve come to the right place.

By: Niki | August 1, 2016

West Acres’ Regional Showcase reflects a carefully chosen selection of local and regional artwork and limited-time displays that enhance the shopping experience for our visitors!  Whether it’s music and dance performances, community art showcases, or the display of one of our many regional-artist pieces, Regional Showcase is our way of putting a spotlight on individuals in our community that make a difference.

Did you also know…

1. Each of the Mall’s courts reflects a permanent component of Regional Showcase

Aquarium Court: Aquarium Court, located near Sears, is where you’ll find West Acres’ 1,000-gallon freshwater aquarium filled with African cichlids. Pipedream, a spiral-like, soaring interactive sculpture made of 100 brushed and beveled steel pipes, engages young and old alike. In concert with Pipedream is a similar glass sculpture within the aquarium. The fish love swimming through the spires. A one-dimensional design of Pipedream is imaged in the deep blue and green inlaid cement floor in the center of the court.

Buffalo Court: Home to “Buffalo Path, The Gathering”, a life-size bison sculpture, Buffalo Court near Herberger’s is rich with prairie culture.

Center Court: While in Center Court (near Macy’s), browse through our great collection of books that either feature our region or are penned by local authors (or both), and peruse photographs taken throughout the region.

Food Court: The Court’s grand fireplace is influenced by Scandinavian design, and featured works from regional artists adorn the area.

Fountain Court: Located near JCPenney, A trio of handcrafted kaleidoscopes is a treat for young and old. The Court is home to West Acres’ well-known “Fountain of Abundance” sculpture and fountain structure. Go ahead: toss in a coin and make a wish! Fountain “proceeds” are donated monthly to area individuals facing challenges as well as non-profit organizations.

2. The recipe tiles in the food court were submitted by families from around the region

 Need a new recipe? With a number nearing 552, you can browse the “Recipe for Sharing” tiles on the Food Court’s columns; the recipes were provided by hundreds of individuals and families from the region. A cookbook containing the recipes is available at Guest Services, and proceeds benefit the Great Plains Food Bank.

3. West Acres hosts over 60 hours of holiday performances each year

As a part of our Regional Showcase, we invite groups throughout our community to come fill our halls with music & holiday cheer from their performances. It is one of the many traditions out visitors love & look forward to each holiday season!

4. There are nearly 182 pieces of art created by regional artists displayed in the mall

Adorning every hallway and court are beautiful pieces of art as part of our Regional Showcase art collection. With nearly 75 regional artists in our directory, you will see a wide variety of pieces ranging from paintings and photographs, to stand-alone sculptures.

Regional Showcase art is always for sale

Found a piece you can’t live without? Our art pieces are always available for purchase! If you’re interested in a piece, you can email us at or give us a call! All pieces are sold at cost, and all proceeds are reinvested into arts within our community.


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