FT Sales Manager - Creative Kitchen - Creative Kitchen


·  Optimizes revenue:  through the efficient use of resources, expanding capacity of sales force and building a cohesive team

·  maintain a balance between the use of resources and the results of sales, by efficiently using staff. These will be routinely evaluated regarding impact on revenue.

·  provide the sales force with the information, tools and knowledge to perform at the level expected both by Creative Kitchen customers and management through orientation, sales training, product knowledge and incentives. These will be regularly scheduled and evaluated.

·  encourage and model direct communication among all staff and management, building a culture of learning where mistakes are an opportunity for growth

Work Expectations:

·  Report to Owner as supervisor re: work schedule, absences

·  Collaborate as part of management team re: training, incentives, demos, events, staffing needs

·  Participate in store events, especially those with high sales expectations

·  Be a presence on the sales floor - physically on sales shifts and modeling work expectations, setting a positive tone


All equipment and materials required are provided. Must be able to work in a standing position for extended periods of time, lift 50 pounds, and climb ladders. Must possess a valid Driver’s License.

Job Type: Full-time

Applicants are to send their resumes to ckstoremanager@gmail.com

Applicants send your resumes to ckstoremanager@gmail.com