Creative Kitchen - Knife Skills with Fran from Wusthof

Master the art of knife cuts in this fun, hands-on, 1-hour class with a professional from Wusthof Cutlery. For only $20, you’ll learn how to chop, slice, dice, chiffonade, julienne, and more. Use these skills to make next-level meals for your family and friends. Have questions about keeping your knives sharp? How knives are made? What knife to use for what task? Fran would love to answer your questions for you too. Plus, at the end of the class, all participants receive a coupon for $20 off any Creative Kitchen knife purchase! Two class times are available (5:30 - 6:30 or 7:00 - 8:00), but seats are limited so sign up now at, 701-282-8694 or stop in the store today! 

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