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Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Center for Creativity

West Acres proudly sponsors the Plains School of Abstract Painting through its Regional Show-case Program. Through the Regional Showcase we hope to serve as a catalyst by showcasing inspiring regional artists, organizations and indi-viduals. The Regional Showcase reflects a care-fully chosen selection of local and regional art-work and limited-time displays that enhance the West Acres experience for shoppers and visitors.

Abstract Art is like a song without words. It features visual or emotional elements of shape, form, pattern, color tone, texture and line to cre-ate compositions with varying degrees of independence from representational reality. The canvas can be filled with fields of color, abstract forms, or gestural expressions.
The roots of the abstract art evolved from Impres-sionism, beginning in the later 1800’s (Monet, Degas, and Renoir) and Post-Impressionism (Gauguin and Cézanne); to Expressionism —flowing from the artist vs. the artist depicting reali-ty (Matisse, van Gogh and Munch); and then Cub-ism (Picasso, Braque). The American impact on abstract art developed post-WWII in New York through the movement classified as Abstract Expressionism. Art in this movement often used large-scale canvases containing artist-driven emotion and expression. Recognized abstract expressionists include: Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Elaine de Kooning, Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaller.
This Exhibit: The School of Abstract Painting at Plains Art Museum opened in 2011 under Marjorie Schlossman’s leadership. Marjorie is a prominent abstract artist, and is grounded in the arts as a painter and musician. She has a Masters of Liberal Arts degree, and studied abstract painting in Palo Alto, CA under the guidance of Richard Bowman.
The class meets weekly. Students come from around the region and have varied backgrounds and experiences including professional artists, business and medical professionals, and retirees.
An exhibit of this type is an unusual event in most malls. However, West Acres believes in partnering with inspiring organizations, such as Plains Art Museum, to bring our community new and enriching experiences through West Acres’ Regional Showcase Program.

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