What Makes Us Infant-Friendly

West Acres strives to be an infant friendly place to visit and spend time, and we are proud to announce we were also recently named a certified Infant-Friendly employer. We know that moms, dads and other caregivers of babies need the easy button, and we are excited to share the accommodations we have for our employees, store employees, and our shoppers.

By: Alissa | September 19, 2016

As a mom of a 15 month old (plus one more on the way in December) , I definitely understand both the stress that can come along with going back to work after baby and the stress that can come along with venturing out for a shopping trip with baby in tow.  First there is getting out of the house – whether to work or out shopping – which in itself is a feat, and then there is the actual tackling of the tasks at hand.   I’m so thankful to West Acres for the amenities they’ve provided for moms.

The “infant-friendly” designation was given to West Acres because of the amenities available to mothers and caregivers of infants. To be considered for the certification, West Acres had to meet three requirements: 1. allow time for mothers to breastfeed or pump, 2. provide a comfortable location to do so (not a bathroom or stall), and 3. provide a place for a mother to temporarily store breast milk. Of course all of these were extremely helpful to me as a new mom going back to work, but the key item on this list that I think is so beneficial to all moms/dads/caregivers that visit West Acres is the second one – West Acres Mother’s Rooms. Whether I worked at West Acres or not I would hands down say – these rooms are amazing!


The mall features four mother’s rooms – two located near the food court and two located in the lower level. Each of the four rooms feature sleek and comfortable décor, a glider, a baby changing station, a sink, a diaper dispenser, paper towels, outlets, plenty of shelving and hooks for items, and dimmable lighting. The rooms are open and available all mall hours, and I can speak from experience that they’re invaluable when you’re out and about and need a quiet place to go with baby or a place to pump.


Being on both sides of the situation – an employee and a shopper of the mall – the support that West Acres has for mothers and their littles has made life so much easier. Although I cannot guarantee a shopping trip without any minor meltdowns, I am thankful to always feel confident making a trip to West Acres knowing there is a quiet getaway if needed for myself and my babe. Now, all I have to do is work on her love of shopping…we’ll get there eventually!

Have any tips or suggestions that would make shopping trips to West Acres with babes in tow easier? Please feel free to email us at We love the feedback! (In fact, our mother’s rooms were designed around customer feedback!)

Those interested in utilizing the mother’s rooms can find 2 near the bathrooms just outside the food court, or 2 near the bathrooms in the lower level (stairs and an elevator are located near Eddie Bauer in the JCPenney wing).


I have the amazing role of being able to lead the Marketing, PR and Fashion team at West Acres. Being able to combine my passion for business, fashion, design and communication makes each day exciting and energizing. I also have the privilege of holding two other titles – mama to two littles and wife. I have a passion for new adventures, traveling, creating yummy things in the kitchen and coffee with a good book.




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